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5.5mm- 6.5mm Cannulated Screw – Titanium

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5.5mm- 6.5mm Cannulated Screw – Titanium is intended to be used during orthopedic surgeries that are required to fix fractures and joint problems. These specially designed screws are admired to be suitable for use during both partial or complete replacement of injured bone or joint. With threaded outer parts, cannulated screws have a hollow shaft and hence, they can easily be used over a guidewire that can be removed later after the correct placement of the implant. They are also known to have a low-profile head design; thus, a low possibility of soft-tissue irritation will be there.
Siora Surgicals Pvt. Ltd. is an advanced and one of the oldest orthopedic implant manufacturers in India. Along with cannulated screws, it provides a huge range of CE-certified trauma implants in stainless steel and titanium. Besides this, you can also avail OEM/contract manufacturing services from Siora.

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