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[5/12, 125 PM] Divine Favour: AI Trust Management has updated a new management cycle! !
Longer time and higher profit! ! !
New registered users will be given a ₦500 bonus in your wallet
You can get 5%-10% profit of your balance every day
Your income depends on your account balance, the higher the account balance, earnings would have been higher
Invite your friends to join NOW to earn commissions.
Withdrawal time: Monday to Friday 10am-6pm
Need to recharge to activate the account to withdraw money
(You can recharge 24 hours a day from Monday to Sunday)
Minimum withdrawal ₦2000

NOW latest activities:
1. Invite 10 people to register and complete the order to reward N1000
2. Invite 20 people to register and complete the order to reward N2500
Task collection steps:
1. Open "team"
2. Select "Invite 10 people to register and complete the task" and click "Receive"
3. After completing the task, return to the task interface to get rewards
4. After completing 10 people, you can choose to complete the task of 20 people
[5/12, 126 PM] Divine Favour:

She kissed the sun...