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If you want to make money online, these are the 3 things you should do:

✅ Stay away from ponzi schemes.

This is the first step to succeeding in online investments. Do not dash out money to fraudsters. Do not confuse risky investment with ponzi schemes. If the return on investment (ROI} is too high, take a step back. You are better off keeping your money than losing it to money doublers.

✅ Only invest in what you understand.

✅ Start with safe investments.

Making money online doesn't have to cost a fortune. You don't have to take a huge risk to grow your money

If you want to augment your daily income gradually, you can join BLENKAS ADVERTISING AGENCY with just a one time payment of either 2000/4000. BLENKAS is often a safer instrument to grow your money gradually without losing it to money doublers.

Meanwhile, we are 85% done with non referal funds disbursement. BLENKAS PAYS WITH OR WITHOUT REFERALS.

Here, REFERRING is a CHOICE and not a NECESSITY. Happy money making. 

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The habit of saving money is an Art, And like every other habit can be cultivated when you pay deliberate, concerted and organized effort on it. The habit of saving, saving money, to some extent, has something to do our nature and Temperament. While some of us are conservative in nature, others are naturally loud, extrovert and flamboyant. However, being in either of the above groups of Temperament is not always a sure or automatic guarantee that one is a good saver. Although, a natural conservative may sometimes exhibit the habit of savings naturally and instinctively, more than the Liberal, one cannot consciously keep to this habit if they don't consciously learn and master it as an art, practice it and grow in it. Another factor is that, those who grew up in a family that money was not easy to come by often tend to be better savers than those that were privileged to come from average and affluent background. Nonetheless, saving is an art, an art any determined person can learn. I happen to have come from an average income family that getting money for both useful and useless purposes was not so difficult, but was left to admire a child hood friend of mine, who was from a not too well to do background, but was always making good strides at saving the little little money he got, so that he was always the one to lend me money on rainy days. As a good friend and good observer, I had always observed him, and on many occasions asked him how he was able to do it, and ended up passing fleeting remarks. But inside of me, I was determined to learn from him and be like him -- on how to save money, no matter how small or hard. Another child hood friend, who I used to visit at his place when ever I journeyed to his town, thought me how to manage to manage Tissue paper. yes, you heard it -- Tissue paper! Though he didn't teach me directly, but in the course of staying at his place I noticed how this friend used(managed) his tissue paper, and boom! I learned and understood something and started applying it too.

YOU MAY ASK: HOW CAN ONE LEARN TO SAVE MONEY? Yes! I used to ask myself this question, especially in the face of meagre and limited income, and often times my quest to also start saving would eventually go on to procrastinations. But the breakthrough came finally during my time in far away north for my compulsory one year national assignment. I was far away from home, south where I come from. Then I had a pressing need for a new Android device. So finally I started saving part of my allowee, five months in on my service year. The Testimony is that I did not only realize money to buy a phone, I was able to save so much to also start rice and beans business in whole sales. There and Then I learned, I discovered:

* it starts when you are ready: having a dream or goal is good; planning towards the dream is good; but the breakthrough is in actualizing and realizing your goal or dreams.

If your dream is one that needs capital, then raising the capital becomes the target. You can comfortably do this by saving, investing the little you have in short term money making schemes and platforms that can yield quick turnovers for you to re-invest until you hit your targeted capital. Right now I'm going to introduce you to one or more sure and legit platforms that can help actualize your dreams:

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In 2006 when Bitcoin was launched, those that sheepishly showed faith on the platform, did so without knowing what destination they Will arrive. Nevertheless, they jumped on board and became pioneers mining Bitcoin freely, as it were. But today, just a couple of decades later, they are now the movers and shakers in the crypto currency business.
Right now, I want to introduce you to another trillion dollars future crypto called Bee coin. Right now, bee coin is being mined for free all over the world by pioneers, who are taking cue from the now success story of Bitcoin. Children of God, the world belongs to men and women of vision. I invite you to join us, for free, on the crypto currency network platform and mine bee coin for free at its test running phase. Use my link 'gronpreeking' and join.

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Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 10 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link and use my username (gronpri) as your invitation code.

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Some online income platforms only reward those who refer into the system and leave non referal earners stranded. This brings discouragement & dissatisfaction on the part of those who do not know how to refer. However, such would never happen here in Blenkas.

We are here to give back online users what they deserves. There would never be a time Blenkas would stop paying non referal earners.

BLENKAS is all-weather-perfect platform. No maintenance downtime. we are expertise who knows how to manage a huge membership-based.



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