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Another day another dollar another dollar another 100 another 10 throw it in the safe an go back out to work again#getpaid

What if my future is destroyed?

What if today is the only chance I have to decide my future?

What if I have been making wrong decisions, hoping that they were the best, where would they have led me to?

In our vulnerable moments, the only thing we need to do to save us from being discouraged is decision.

In October 2020, I made a decision. My book teaches about making profitable decisions at the right time. I will tell you how I sold my book and used the money to publish the book. I sold it by making a decision. The decision led me to talk to my Facebook friends about my book, just with word of mouth and trust, and raised over USD1,000.

Around October 2020, I have already finished writing my book, Decide Your Future but had no capital to publish it. Things went off-balance for me that I could not raise the money needed for my book publication.

Don't be surprised!

I began to write proposals and submitted to some people who I knew had the capacity to assist. I even offered them 50/50 percentage sharing of my income after the book launch. To my greatest surprise, none queued into my vision. It was already in October, few months to ending of the year, 2020.

One day, I sat down and thought of some many things. Honestly, good visions and dreams can be destroyed by lack of money. Around June/July 2020, a family friend duped me over N600,000 (six hundred thousand nairas) and that brought me too low that I could not even raise 3/4 of the money needed for my book publication. Life became a daring adventure to me.

One day, a thought came inside of me, and said "you are the author of a book titled: Decide Your Future. You can decide how you can raise the money you need for the publication of your book." Then my eyes opened. That's when grace knocked at my door!

Remember that my book has already been published on Amazon but was not yet available in Nigeria. It was also selling but was raising a very little revenue then.

That was when I started marketing my book online, telling people about it. After a week, I got a help— a US friend pre-ordered 15 copies and I got few other persons in Nigeria also pre-ordered for some copies. I began to get support from friends and well-wishers, before November 2020, I got over $1,000. Along the line, a friend in Canada pre-launched it with $200, plus other uncalculated monies.

Then, the real birth of my book came into existence.

Now it is very simple to note that my book is a quick mind-blowing and guts energizer. When you read and follow the instructions it contained, you will achieve your aim with less or little effort.

•••Are you far away that made hard to get the hardcopy...? Don't worry, I have created the soft copy on PDF version just for you.

Because of some people are far away where it is not too possible for us to waybill to, I have created the online access where you can download the PDF version with unlimited access across the globe. Get a copy here: https://selar.co/ukwv. The payment system is safe and secure, and doesn't save your information.

After reading "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, I got to understand that all we need to survive is in us and some people have written them down in a book to enable us master and practice them.


✓ To change attitudes that cannot help you make success in life. We know that most people's attitudes are the hindrances they face in life. This book will help you become a changed person.

✓ To master the knowledge of getting rich through what you do. It is clearly stated that lack of knowledge makes one a failure. With a copy of my book, that problem is solved.

✓ To know the right time to speak, request, and make decisions. If you miss the right time set for anything, you can't succeed on it. At the right time, I spoke about my book, and raised over $1,000 and used the money to publish it. Timing is important.

✓ To know the decision you should make or not to make in your household. Many couples believe that whatever decision they make for their children is the best, it is not. This kind of belief has crippled most families without them knowing it. I took my time to study why some families enjoy peace and orderliness while others don't. My book will teach you the 3 team that are very important in making family/household decisions, and when one is missing, nothing good happens.

✓ Point out some mistakes that people make in their youthful years that affect them and their generations, unless something is done on time. It will help you to avoid such mistakes.

✓ To know the causes of wrong decisions and the negative effects they have on those who made it.

✓ Show you the simple mistake that leads young ladies to late marriage, and help you make the right decision to avert it.

✓ How to identify opportunity around you and seize it. People who made fortune were able to identify and seize opportunities around them. My book is a great tool to guide you.

To be continued....