I have decided to stay off other social network sites including Facebook to concentrate more on our very own indigenous social network platform Amverified.ng.

Facebook most especially has been helpful over the years, it has helped me to scale through in my internet business career. While I appreciate the brain behind the number one giant social network platform in the whole world "Facebook", I feel the need to establish our own indigenous platform to get more features working which we can dominate with total controls on our activities without limitations or restrictions whatsoever.

Also, the whole of social media is now full of fake users and impersonators lately. You will agree with me that anybody can be you on social media. Almost every account is being cloned, your name, pictures, and other related details are used to create fake identities.

Their intention is to lure your friends to follow or add them to the account. Your friends thinking you are the one who would accept the request. At this point, they can start implementing their hideous motives using your identity.

Since Facebook doesn't give the opportunity to verify individual users except for public figures, hence a need to have a new social network platform that will allow us to differentiate between the real profiles and the fake ones.

I feel the need to stay off Facebook most especially if we must grow our very own project to the pick, else we may have to keep trying without moving faster.

However, we may not be competing with the giant Facebook, we are just creating a better alternative option that works to get some things working as we want, and also to avoid Facebook restrictions, limitation or blockage in most of our activities.

One of our objectives is to have all registered users verified with a badge and a more different badge for celebrities and public figures while promoting trust and one identity at a time to avoid imposters or impersonators.

I hereby invite Nigerian developers who may have an interest in this project to work with us and make it better gradually. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you are interested to work with us and grow this project together.

There is more work on this green app right now and we need more hands to support and join us in progressing faster.

Thanks for support and cooperation