6 Reasons Why You Should Be Part of Amverified Africa Social Network

There's no any form of discrimination on Amverified.ng as seen in other social media sites.

Within few weeks of launching Amverified indigenous social network, thousands of Nigerians are already part of the project and the amazing growth with trusted verified members in the community.

While growing bigger with more features and improvement, we have compiled some top reasons why you should also register and be part of this indigenous community. The benefits would be better analyzed in details; however, it might be too long for most people to read. Therefore, points will be highlighted as follows.

Point 1: It is indigenous

Unlike the other social media websites, Amverified is 100% founded by a Nigerian who lives and understand the Nigerian market. With a mission and focus to build our very own community where we all have a mutual social engagement and flawless social experience while promoting trust and one identity at a time.

Point 2: It takes the country's need into consideration

If you've been frustrated by the other social media websites, you must have wished for some Nigerians to build social media website that cater for the need of Nigerians. If you do, then the emergence of Amverified shows that your wish has been actualized.

Point 3: It has all the major features that the most popular social network sites have even more

Looking around on the website; you will be amazed with the number of great features available for use. You can only expect to see more awesome features in the coming months as the team continues to work tirelessly to implement great features that will serve the need of Nigerians to the core.

Point 4: It has the best potential for local business growth

With nearly 100% Nigerian audience, you can be sure that your business will experience huge growth on this platform.

Point 5: There's no any form of discrimination as seen in other social media sites

Have you noticed that the most popular social media websites reserve some features for people in some countries and prevent Nigerians from accessing such features? What else could be more terrible? There are many features on those websites that we cannot use due to discrimination. So sad. But fortunately, Amverified has come to break that discrimination. You can be sure that every feature on the website will be made available to Nigerians without limit.

Point 6: Easy and valid verification while maintaining valid user identity

On the other social media platforms, getting verified as a regular user is like a horse trying to enter a pin hole. You know how hectic it is. And to make it worse, you won't be verified because they see you as nobody unless you are a popular celebrity or a public figure.

At the same time, your account including your profile details and photos are cloned by fake users and impersonators who pretends to be you in order to defraud people online.

The good news is that, it is not the same way with Amverified. The process for getting verified is easy and reliable while promoting real users, trust and one identity at a time without any impersonators.

So, why won't you join, install the apps and use the platform regularly? To make Nigeria great, we must think Nigeria first. Amverified is here to change the game for all of us.

Visit https://amverified.ng/register and get started today

Download Amverified Apps Here  https://linktr.ee/avapps

Let's move it to the top.

This article was writing by an advocate verified member Oluwole Ojajuni Modified and compiled by PSO.

Paul Samson (PSO)

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