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There fellow Nigeria my name is Emmanuel by name but my user name is jumper. Since Nigeria has come from covid19 its then we new what is going on in this country Endsarsi will alight three problems I have seen so far.

  1. Education 
  2. The system 
  3. The government
  4. Education : the Nigeria system of education has really gone backwards alot this days, the youths no longer goes to school for two good reasons,.

1 poverty and two no jobs after graduating

Why am saying Is that many children have the intention of going to school, but because the family barely feeds they decide been at home looking for jobs that will pay them immediately, which is leading to kidnapping yahoo fraud and so many others which will fetch them money to take good care of their family. And secondly many of this children don't love going to school because they feel that after they have graduated they will be no job which is making losing interest in the system of education, Instead of spending their money on education having the doubt that they might not see job like their fathers friends brother family, instead of just wasting their little money, they probably find some business to do, and perhaps the bank can't afford to borrow money to students for education because they new there is no job in the.

Many of the.m in the prison if you may ask what led them you will be surprised is money, that is why we the youth are angry that we must change this, we are not happy of stealing, killing neither fighting only if you people can occupy us with jobs we will be grateful.

Please I love to see more comments and replies to know what others opinions might be, thanks 

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