How to Get Verified on Amverified Social Network

Verification is FREE - Provide a means of identification with a complete profile to get verified. Any valid government-issued ID card or document is accepted. Make sure you have edited your profile with your real name on your ID or document including your profile picture.

Updated: 14/05/2021


How to get a verification badge:

As Amverified Africa Social Network strives to promote trust and real identity at a time, there is also the need to be sure that real users or registered business pages are verified with a badge.

Please NOTE:

We review and audit user profile and pages from time to time, any verified profile or pages that does not meet up with our verification requirment including updated version of verification processes will be void, while verification badge will be removed from such profile or page. Users are advised to maintain a decent, valid and active coresponding profile details with identification document to remain verified.

Before you request for verification, kindly take note of the following:

1) Your profile name must correspond with the name on your identification document you provided.

2) You must have a clear profile picture of yourself.

3) Your profile must be properly setup with multiple pictures of yourself and a sign of being active for some time.

4) Your identification document must be cleared enough to pass through verification processes.

5) We recommend using your complete full names including surname, first name and middle name that is well known by friends and families for easy search and connection. If you must add a nickname, it can be added in bracket. E.g: Adegoke Samuel Ifeanyi (Samzy).

6) If your profiles seems to be inactive for weeks or more, you cannot be verified.

7) If your identification document you submitted is not cleared enough or well captured, you cannot be verified.

9) Anonymous users can not be verified with a badge.

9) Your verification will be subject to Amverified updated verification process and requirement as we improve from time to time.

Steps to request for verification:

To get to request for verification, its recommended to use either browser, web app or mobile webview android app which can be found here

From either Amverified web app or mobile webview app, check on general setting to location verification follow this link:

Profile details as required and attach your identification document with a clear picture of yourself and send verification request.

NOTE: If you get verified with a badge, kindly maintain your decent profile with the same name, make sure you always have your profile picture except a business profile or page as you will lose your verification if you edit your profile name or username.

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