AMVERIFIED – Africa Indigenous Social Network Community

Amverified was created to establish an indigenous social network community, promote trust and create one identity at a time.

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Imagine a social media community that gives everything the internet has to offer to make life easier?

Not just that…

But a community that gives voice to Nigerians and Africans.

If we could come together to foster an indigenous platform, we will be to tell our story uniquely and clear the bad image perceived of us by the rest of the world.

But at the moment, it seems we are stuck with social media channels that:

  • spy on our activities
  • exploit our talents
  • restrict our potentials

And sometimes you feel we are just too underestimated, all that talents and resources, and nothing to show for it, pathetic!

Nonetheless, the online world is about to experience a revolution.

There is a new social media platform with the goal of connecting Nigerians, Africans, and the world at large.

Since it is not all the time we get to see this kind of innovation, ensure to read through this page to know what this new platform is all about

Why do we need an indigenous platform?

You see, I’m a fan of Strive Masiyiwa, the renowned Zimbabwean Businessman and Billionaire.

For the most part, he talks about the need for Africa to embrace and develop her own ideas and products.

And here’s the thing…

No society has ever made impactful and meaningful progress and development by using borrowed identities. Also, we can’t deny that Africa has a lot to learn from foreign models.

But the fact is that we stand a better chance of making great strides by not placing our hopes solely on imported systems.

Our local systems must become the growth engine that fosters a new dynamic revolution, rather than simply adopting foreign models.


Incredibly, one Nigerian is standing against the odd…

I would say all odds!

Driven by the need for us to take pride in our own ideas, Paul Samson is building the perfect indigenous social media platform.

You should know that it is now rampant on social media for hackers/spammers to clone accounts.

Your name, pictures, and other related details are used to create fake identities.

Their intention is to lure your friends to add them on the account.

Your friends thinking you are the one would accept the request.

At this point, they can start implementing their hideous motives using your identity.

For this reason, Amverified was created to:

  • establish an indigenous community
  • promote trust and
  • create one identity at a time

The idea is to register, publish your profile, get verified, and network with your family, friends, and real people securely. Likewise, follow people that matter, share something new, promote your business, and have fun in a safe internet environment.

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How to Own an Account on Amverified

To create an account on amverified is as simple as ABC and FREE for everyone:


Register and login your account

Click on the profile button

Select “edit” and fill in the necessary information

How to get a verification badge:

As Amverified strives to promote trust and real identity at a time, there is also the need to be sure that real users or registered business pages are verified with a badge. 

To get verified, first visit the general setting and scroll down for a verification field or click verification under general setting if you are using app or anywhere you see it. 

Provide a means of identification with a complete active profile to get verified. Upload a photo with your ID. Any valid government issued ID card is accepted. Make sure you have edited your profile with your real name on your ID card and also have a profile picture. 

Check more verification eligibity and process here:

What the Future Holds For Amverified

Tell me!

What’s better than embracing our platforms and launching them to the world to see?

We will be able to tell our stories, project our true identities, and redeem our images.

The teams at Amverified are not relenting and are ready to make this a massive success in the long run.

You can play your part in making history by getting an account on today!

Final Thoughts:

As digital media advances and social media communication becomes more and more important, one might get carried away, feeding on crumbs from foreign innovation.

Therefore, it is critical as Africans that we come up with a unique approach for us to interact using our models while promoting trust and one identity at a time. Hence, the birth of


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