Portuguese Translation Services - Importance of Website Localization

In this article, we’ll be discussing the key reasons to hire professional Portuguese translation services for website localization.

Portuguese Translation Services - Why Website Localization is So Important?

A professional Portuguese to English translation services translator with expertise in the target language will thoroughly understand the context of the original content on the website which is in the English language, and then translate it according to the context, not word by word.

The language had utterly dominated the world of the Internet until the mid-80s; it contributed to about 80% of the content over the World Wide Web. However, in recent years, languages such as Portuguese has become one of the most popular translation languages. Following Brexit, the English language has become even less prevalent in the last couple of years. So, now, it is imperative for businesses targeting foreign marketers to adjust respond by investing in website localization to expand your services/products to new regions successfully.

English is Not The Most Spoken Language Today

Having a localized website by hiring credible Brazilian Portuguese translation services is indispensable to cash in on new foreign markets to increase revenue by reaching out to non-English speakers. With 983 million speakers, English is now the second most spoken language. Mandarin Chinese is the first of today's most spoken languages in the world. With 1.1 million speakers, Hindi is another popular language. And, Spanish, Arabic, and Portuguese also make it to the list of top languages.

With statistics like this, English is being outranked by several other websites. Therefore, the businesses have an ocean of opportunities to explore just by contacting professional Portuguese translation services to localize your website. A recent study relieved, about 76% of Internet users love to browse websites in their native language. 56% of the Internet users admitted that a website in their language is way more important than the cost of the product. So, by localization of your website, you can connect with your foreign clients, encouraging them to buy from your business .

Localized Website is Way More Effective Than Automated Translated Website

In this era of globalization, consumers are interested in businesses that are interested in 24*7 services. If you are targeting a specific audience, then it is advisable to invest in hiring a professional translator, rather than letting your prospective customers use the browser extension for translation. The translation quickly done by the browser extension feature or from your end using an automated tool is a big mistake. Why? Because, the content translated will have typo errors to context blunders, which in turn will do more harm than any good to your business. Having a website with automated translated content will drive away your prospective foreign clients, and increase your bounce rate.

To avoid this, you must focus on carefully localizing your site to target various foreign markets. Each language has its own dialect, and only a native-level translator understands those. When a foreign client reads your website content and discovers that you’ve made genuine efforts to dialect, they are more likely to trust your business words.

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