Fiverr Gigs Categories Part 1

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This is a list of fiverr gigs based on their categories and subcategories

Some people believe that they do not have any skills to be a seller on fiverr but when they are presented with the lists of fiverr gigs, they will realize that there is something for them on fiverr.

So without wasting much of our time, I will like to provide you with the lists of fiverr gigs based on their categories and subcategories.

To start with,What are fiverr gigs?

Fiverr gigs refer to products and services that people(buyers or sellers) buy or sell on fiverr.

There are 9 categories of fiverr gigs and they are:

1 Graphic and Design

2 Digital Marketing

3 Writing and Translation

4 Video and Animation

5 Music Audio

6 Programming Tech

7 Business

8 Lifestyle

9 Industries

There are subcategories under each of these categories.

Subcategories under Graphic Design are:

Logo Brand Identity

Visual Design

Web Mobile

Print Design


Art Illustration

Packaging Labels

Architecture and building Design

Print Design

Product Charaters Design

Fashion and Merchandize

This is where I will stop today. I will continue writing on this topic ( Fiverr Gig Categories) and subcategories until I finish listing all fiverr gigs so that you can choose one that you can easily offer for sale as a product or service on fiverr in order to make a lot of money.

My next article will be about gigs under the above listed Graphic Design subcategories 

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